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What To Look For Before The Race

Betting on horses can be a high-risk activity - and quite a few people wind up losing a lot of their cash to their bookmakers. This can happen not only to a person with compulsive betting disorder but also to normal gamblers who bet on horses at the race. The objective when betting on horses is always to beat the odds. Knowing your options and the different types of bets allows you to make smarter betting choices.

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The racing form and the horse's history will provide you with a lot of information and a good place to start when deciding which horses you will bet on. Check not only the past history but also recent history of the horse. How the horse has been performing and whether he is in top condition or not. But if you have the opportunity to see the horse before the race in the paddock or post parade, you will be able to look for warning signs you will not find in the racing form.

Horses should demonstrate fluid transitions and gait and should be alert with perked ears and ready to run. The horse should look healthy and have a shiny coat.

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Warning Signs:

  • Check the horse for excessive sweating, especially on the flanks or on days when the weather is cool.
  • If the horses gait is off or the horse appears lame, this is a sign of an injury that may indicate the horse is not in top form. Additionally, swelling in the legs or bandages on a horse that does not normally wear bandages may serve as a warning sign that the horse is not in top form.
  • Observe the horse's behavior. Uncontrollable and erratic behavior is as much a warning sign that something is off as a listless and lethargic attitude.

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