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Horse Betting Tips

It is not the same as betting on Football clubs.

Betting on horses makes for an exhilarating experience as you watch your horse thunder down the track toward the wire. For fun, you can place bets on the horses with the best odds or the one with the most creative name. But if you want to get better and make some money betting on horses, you will want to start considering the factors that go into placing a bet.

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Here are a few things to consider to get started:

How long is the Race?
Look at each horse's race and workout history. Is the horse a sprinter that consistently wins 6 furlong races, but fades back at the mile mark? Or does the horse show the endurance to last over a mile, but doesn't show the speed to win a shorter race? Compare this information with the distance of the race you are betting on to improve your odds of winning.

Number of Horses Running
The number of horses racing is a consideration when you are placing your bets. In a large field of runners, more horses are looking for the win and the less chance you have of picking a winner. In addition, the larger the field, the higher the chance of something happening to upset the race. For example, horses may stumble and slow down others at the starting gate or a good horse may get boxed in and unable to pass to win the race.

Track Surface
Is the race run on turf or dirt? Is the ground dry and fast or wet and sloppy? Compare the days track condition with the horse's history. Some horses run poorly on a sloppy track and others may prefer turf over dirt tracks. If the horse is running on a track it likes, the chances of winning improve.

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Check the Odds
The favorites are the favorites because they have a high chance of winning. Expert betters make predictions and many betters follow those predictions when picking a winner. But the favorites do not always win and betting on a horse with longer odds will give you more money on the same $2 bet.

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